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Bike Fit

Bike fit is the process of measured adjustment of your bicycle’s contact points by a trained and qualified fitter using a set system of steps in order to achieve optimum comfort and efficiency for the rider of that bicycle. The bike fit offered at Rock & Road in Yeovil is a comprehensive product combining Retül: the tools of the trade (Retül design and manufacture super accurate fitting tools—both hardware and software), combined with Dr. Andy Pruitt’s Body Geometry bike fit process which consists of multiple steps carried out to ensure the rider’s bicycle is adjusted to suit his or her intended style, distance, and intensity of riding.


Retül Bike Fitting

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Please be aware that not all bike fits are the same and many provide less detail or fall short of what we offer, in various ways. Some bike fits may only be a detailed bike ‘sizing’ at best. We offer a detailed bike ‘sizing’ which we call ‘Six Point Sizing’ as a standalone service for £49. We carry out 6 steps from the 15 steps (and additional sub-steps) from our full bike fit offering. This option is a great introduction to bike fit and is perfect for those who feel they don’t yet want a full bike fit, but they want to get going with a good initial position that has been accurately measured. Please call us on 01935 431937 for more information. We can carry out ‘Six Point Sizing’ for your current bicycle, whatever brand you have, and no matter where it was purchased.