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Service & Repairs

Our Servicing & Repairs department is a great place to come for routine maintenance and repairs for your bikes. We employ a small crew of experienced and helpful technicians who understand that you are here to have your bike improved, not to make it worse! Just turn up with your bike and we will get you booked in.

Our 3 simple Service & Tune Up Menu offerings are outlined below. Each level includes the basic work needed on most jobs we carry out in our service department, which is why we have assembled the Menu this way. As well as the work outlined at each level, we can add in further modules of work from the list in the ‘Repairs’ tab just above. If added to a Menu Service or Tune Up, the cost of these modules is approximately half of the ‘stand-alone’ price published here. This pricing system ensures your job is completed with exactly what is required for the job, and you only pay for the work we do, and no more.

Parts are extra and we prefer that parts are purchased from us as we trust our suppliers not to supply sub-standard or counterfeit goods. We are happy to install parts purchased elsewhere but as the purchase of these parts is not from us any goodwill support with these items will be between you and your supplier. Please ask for further details if you require them.

Mountain bikes with front or front & rear suspension can be serviced at these Menu rates.  Any suspension servicing or bearing and bolt replacement work can be added to the cost.
Time trial and triathlon bikes are often considerably more time consuming and require specific expertise and patience to service and maintain properly. Bicycles of this type will be serviced as you request at our hourly rate with subsequent hours after the first hour at a reduced rate.


Service Menu

Full Overhaul £199

Service hubs  Service headset  Service bottom bracket & chase threads
Precision true both wheels Install new brake and gear cable sets Install new handlebar wrap/tape
Hotwash/clean of all remaining relevant parts  Hotwash/clean derailleurs and brakes or replace with new Remove drivetrain and hotwash/clean or replace with new
Detail clean frame, fork and wheels Tune brakes & gears  Lube chain and other moving parts
Check tightness of bolts and fasteners  Inflate tyres to pressure Check of general condition
 Note measurable wear Pass on any recommendations
Road test

Premium Service with Parts Hotwash £99

Hotwash/clean derailleurs and brakes or replace with new Wipe clean frame, fork and wheels Remove drivetrain and hotwash/clean or replace with new
Lube chain and other moving parts Tune brakes Tune gears
Check tightness of bolts and fasteners Pass on any recommendations Check of general condition
Note measurable wear Inflate tyres to pressure  Road test

 Tune Up & Safety Check £49

Tune brakes Tune gears Lube chain
Lube other moving parts Inflate tyres to pressure Check tightness of bolts and fasteners
Check of general condition Note measurable wear  Pass on any recommendations
 Road test

If you already know what work is required we can just go ahead after booking in. If you are unsure of the problem, we will get the job assessed. If possible, we will try and assess the job before you leave, if not we will contact you quickly with our findings and cost estimate for your approval before we proceed. We may ask for a small up-front fee of £10 when you book in which will help cover our cost for assessing your job.  Jobs which go ahead will have any pre-payment moved across to help cover the final bill, reducing the amount needed to settle at collection. If you choose not to go ahead, we will hand your bike back along with brief notes of our findings and recommendations from the assessment, and there will be nothing more to pay.

We always recommend and use good quality branded parts when carrying out servicing, repairs and replacement of parts. Brake and gear inner wires and outer housings are usually from Shimano and will be stainless steel as standard. Many other service providers will use cheaper unbranded or lower quality parts, and these will not give anywhere near the same level of feel or long-lasting performance as the decent quality ones we usually insist on.

Repair Prices

Other service & repair jobs – minimum charge is shown. If your job is not listed it doesn’t mean we don’t do it e.g. full suspension bike bearing and bolt replacement. Please ask and we’ll give you an estimate for what you need.

Prices include VAT.

Service module and cost Reduced cost when added as part of a Menu Service or Tune Up
Minimum Service Labour Charge £12 Minimum Service Labour Charge £9
1 Hour Service Labour £54  1 Hour Service Labour £45
Rear Hub Service £30  Rear Hub Service £15
Front Hub Service £20  Front Hub Service £10
Headset Service £30 Headset Service £15
Bottom Bracket Service £30  Bottom Bracket Service £15
Wheel Standard True (in bike, tyre on) – Single Wheel £12  Wheel Standard True (in bike, tyre on) – Single Wheel £9
Wheel Precision True (in jig, tyre off) – Single Wheel £25  Wheel Precision True (in jig, tyre off) – Single Wheel £18.75
Install New Handlebar Wrap/Tape (properly) £15  Install New Handlebar Wrap/Tape (properly) £7.50
Remove Tyre, Replace Tube & Reinstall Tyre £12  Remove Tyre, Replace Tube & Reinstall Tyre £6
Remove Tyre, Replace Punctured Tube & Reinstall Tyre £12  Remove Tyre, Replace Punctured Tube & Reinstall Tyre £6
Tubeless Tyre Installation (sealant is extra) – Single Wheel £20 Tubeless Tyre Installation (sealant is extra) – Single Wheel £10
Bicycle Safety Check & Tune Up (incl. advisory notes) £49 Bicycle Safety Check & Tune Up (incl. advisory notes) n/a
Wheel Build Including Spoke Length Calculation £50  Wheel Build Including Spoke Length Calculation
Cleaning Charge For Dirty Bike £30 Cleaning Charge For Dirty Bike £30



Gear service & repair jobs – minimum charge is shown.


Gear Tune £20
Shimano Genuine Gear Cable Sets priced from £18
Shimano Di2 Firmware Updating/Configuration/Diagnostics £30
Full Electronic Gear/Battery/Wiring Installation (internal routing) £149

All of our Menu Tune Up or Service options include gear tuning.


Brake service & repair jobs – minimum charge is shown.


Brake Tune £20
Shimano Genuine Brake Cable Set from £18
Hydraulic Brake Bleed Including Fluid – Per Brake £30

All of our Menu Tune Up or Service options include brake tuning.


Important Information

Prices shown are for labour only including VAT at the current rate and are subject to change without notice. Parts purchased from Rock & Road Limited will be fitted with either reduced labour charge, or our standard labour charge, depending on the value of parts and how we have priced those parts (i.e. full price parts or parts with high value can often be fitted with reduced labour charge).

We are happy to fit parts purchased elsewhere (e.g. from the big discount online sellers (Link to Velominati Rule #58—Support your local bike shop)). However, we’re often able to supply and support those parts at a great price, so if you would like to buy from us, please ask first if we can supply. As well as supporting your local bike shop (so we can be here for you and others), we will ensure your parts selection is compatible with your job and we will advise on potential pitfalls in order to avoid additional hassle, delays, and expense for you. We all know how tempting internet discount pricing can be from those big online outlets, so if you are looking to buy elsewhere we can only offer advice about exactly what you need if you are happy to cover our time to advise. The upshot is that we charge a fair price for what we do to handle your job. We offer experience, knowledge, expertise, time, and more…it is not possible for us to do this without charge. We are here to support you and it’s great if you can support us.

We are proud of the quality of servicing & repairs we offer at Rock & Road. Our service & repair work is carried out on site by experienced technicians who are qualified to relevant industry standards (Cytech Level 1 or higher), our Cytech qualified staff are listed here. Our policy of customer care is to keep your bicycle running the best that we can, so you’re happy. If you are not happy for some reason, please let us know. Equally, if you feel you have not received our usual high standard of service for any reason, please email Paul, the business owner directly: paul@rockandroaduk.com

New Bicycles Bought From Us

All new bicycles purchased from Rock & Road Limited are assembled by us. We have our own quality assurance programme which involves our assembly technician completing a comprehensive checklist of over 30 specific points, checks, and adjustments. This ensures we are confident that all bikes bought here are good to go when you come to collect. Also, we invite you to bring your bike back for a complimentary Safety Check & Tune Up (usually after about 6 weeks or a good handful of hours of riding), to make sure everything is working as it should, and that any minor settling in adjustments are made to keep things running smoothly. Your new bike will always receive high priority through our Servicing & Repairs department and benefit from preferential service rates for the life of that bicycle, while owned by you. We will set you up with loyalty pricing in-store, meaning you will pick up savings on many items you purchase from us.

Caring For Your Bike

Looking after your bicycle properly is a great way of keeping servicing costs down while getting the best out of riding your bike. Do your best to keep your bikes clean and ensure the drive components are free from grime and lightly lubricated. This will reduce failure, prolong component life, ensure crisp shifting, and mean your bike will run quietly and efficiently. We sell many excellent cleaning/de-greasing, lubrication, and bicycle care products which reduce the work needed to clean and maintain your bike and keep it tip-top. We also think it’s wise to invest in a good quality track pump (which we sell) for home use, meaning very little fuss to keep your tyres at the correct pressure.

Drive-train Hotwash/De-grease

In our workshop, we use a hot water (aqueous) parts washer to clean and de-grease components. This environmentally friendly process uses water and heat, combined with a mild detergent to loosen and remove caked-on grease and road grime. We use this hotwash parts washer to clean almost any part, providing a very effective and thorough clean. The dirty waste generated from de-greasing is taken off-site for compliant processing by our provider so you’ll be glad to know that we are minimizing hazardous waste going into landfill.

Suspension Servicing

We send most suspension fork and rear shock units to either Specialized Suspension Service Centre, T F Tuned Shox, RockShox Service Centre, or Fox Service Centre. Prices vary depending on level of service, item being serviced, and whether you need us to remove and/or re-fit the suspension units to the bicycle. We can handle the safe packaging and organise shipping out. Outward carriage & handling will be added to your bill, but return carriage is often included within the suspesion service charge. Please ask for further details or just bring your bike or suspension units in for sending off.

Note: Please ensure your bicycle is clean before you drop it off for servicing. If your bike is dirty, we will have to clean it before we carry out service or repair work, and you will be charged for this. Dirty bikes are not nice to handle as they present potential health hazards which we are keen to avoid.


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