Unit 2, Merlin Road, Lynx Trading Estate, Yeovil, BA20 2GZ
TUESDAY – FRIDAY: 9.00am – 5.30pm  |  SATURDAY: 8.00am – 4.00pm  |  SUNDAY & MONDAY: Sorry, out riding!

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Rock & Road, Yeovil

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If you’re looking for a first class community bicycle store, a top quality servicing & repair centre, a home for all things cycling, you’ve found it.


We love to focus on our community and we aim to offer the best service we can for you. Great service is what it’s all about for us. It’s no secret. We try to make sure we provide you with excellent product, great service, and a polite manner—combining into a great in-store experience with the sole aim of allowing you to really enjoy riding your bike. We are here to support you, and we appreciate that you support us when you choose to visit our store and buy from Rock & Road on the Lynx Trading Estate in Yeovil.

We are happy to help you regardless of the type of riding you do (or want to do), how far you go, or how fast or slow you are. We are happy that you want to ride a bike, and we want to help make your riding as enjoyable as we can.

Whether you commute, ride for fitness, fun, or transport, we will keep you rolling. Perhaps you race and you’re demanding on your equipment? Or maybe you don’t compete, but understandably want the best? You can rely on top quality care and attention if you choose us over the many other bicycle retailers and service centres out there—either online outlets or real stores like ours—if you do buy from us…we are sure you’ll be delighted that you chose Rock & Road in Yeovil.

We have to admit, we are working really hard to fend off a major threat to what we do: the big online retailers buying in bulk, stacking high and selling cheap but without a care for you and with no real personal connection to you or your (and our) community. The recent increase in smartphone usage provides you with easy online searching for the ‘cheapest’ or ‘best’ deal, and that appears to make a mockery of our business, but we offer much more. We offer great service and support. That may not seem worth it when you weigh things up, but we’ll leave that up to you. We are a small buisness and our running costs are significant for the relatively small scale of our operation.

If you know exactly what you want, you want the lowest price and you need no help identifying exactly what you need, then great, the internet is all yours! All the information is out there…go for it…good luck, but if you’re choosing that route to buy please don’t ask us for advice (unless you are happy to pay us for our time and expertise to get involved).

However, if you need a little more guidance, hands on help, or assistance identifying exactly what fits the bill for you (and perhaps enjoy a complimentary cafè latte or an espresso while you wait)…we’re probably a better option for you. We can pretty much guarantee you can find lower prices for many of the items we sell, but please, please don’t dilute the good service we provide our loyal customers every day by guzzling our time, draining our will or sucking the life out of us and then hammering us with “no offence mate, but I’ve seen it cheaper online”. We know you have!! It’s just rude and you shouldn’t do it.


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The verdict is in, and after the world’s most acclaimed mountain bike reviewers got their first rides aboard the Turbo Levo FSR, it’s resounding…this bike is the real deal.


We use both Retül and Body Geometry brands, using state of the art hardware and software to ensure accurately measured adjustments are made to your bicycle to optimise the fit for you.

Vaujany (Video Preview of 2016 Trip)

Have a look at our little promotional video we made in the Alps recently. If you’ve never been, get yourself over there for some amazing biking (road and/or mountain) and breathtaking scenery!

Meet The Team

The men and women in store who help to keep you rolling!

Paul Stevenson



Paul's idea of how a community bicycle store should be is his main drive, and is the reason Rock & Road exists the way it does.

Favourite bikes: Specialized Di2 Diverge Carbon, Di2 Allez Smartweld, and Di2 Tarmac for road. Stumpy FSR 29er or 650b for mountain.

Lisa Pearson



Lisa is our in-house women's cycling specialist, as well as our systems administrator. She helps on the shop floor, so if you'd prefer to talk to a female staff member, and she's around, ask for Lisa.

Favourite bikes: Specialized Ruby Carbon and Dolce Evo Smartweld both for road.




Damian is our antipodean service technician who has settled in the UK. He has a wealth of cycling experience from touring to racing. He has always looked after his own bikes, and takes pride in his work looking after yours.

Favourite bikes: Specialized Diverge Smartweld. Surly Long Haul Trucker for distance touring, Roberts Reynolds 531 steel commuter. All 3 bikes have mudguards, 'cause mudguards are AWESOME!



Myra is the newest member of our team. She's our service & repair organiser, whilst supporting Damian with the technical side of what we do. Myra has a high level of technical experience but can also help you on the sales floor.



Mike (or Mikey as we know him) is also part-time, helping on the sales floor. He's an amiable soul and will always do his best to try and help you get what you need.



James is here part-time helping out through the busy periods. James is experienced in bicycle repairs and has a great eye for detail.


TUESDAY – FRIDAY: 9.00am – 5.30pm

SATURDAY: 8.00am – 4.00pm

SUNDAY & MONDAY: Sorry, out riding!


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